Real Estate Selling 101: Best Time Of Year To Sell

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Homeowners and real estate agents alike concern themselves with the perfect time of year to sell a home because the time of year you list your home will greatly affect how fast your home sells, and how much you get for it.

So what is the best time of year to sell your home? Most times, the best time to sell your home will coincide with the time of year when the weather is best; people are more interested in going out to view homes when the weather is nice.

Here in Hawaii, if you are selling in areas that are popular for VA buyers (often those near to various Oahu bases), Spring is a great time to sell as servicemen and women often start their new Hawaii assignments in late June or early July. 

Spring sellers also may attract buyers who have kids. Parents may prefer to move in the May-July timeframe when the kids are out of school which can help ease transition to their children's new schools in their new district. 

Zillow agrees...according to this 2018 article, homes that sell in the first half of May sell two weeks faster than average and sell for $2,500 more than average.