Tips For Buyers in this Ultra Competitive Market

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If you’re looking to purchase a single family home on Oahu right now, you’re very likely:


You’re not alone. So many people want to purchase right now and the limited inventory is making it incredibly difficult.

Here are some tips that may help:

Tell every single person you know that you are looking to buy a home (and what you’re looking for). Tell every single person you don’t know (the delivery person, the grocery store checker, the gal you pass every day on your walk). Become a walking/talking home hunter. There is very likely someone in your extended network who knows of a home that is not yet on the market OR of a homeowner who may be convinced to sell quite easily.

Have your realtor send mailers to the neighborhood you’re looking to move into. Often a seller doesn’t want to go through the hassle of a sale with all those open houses and showings, BUT…if the opportunity falls in their lap and the hassle is eliminated, they just may do it!

It's a seller's market.  Now is NOT the time to give a lowball offer.  There's too much competition for those kind of offers at this time.  Bring your A game to the offer table!

Is there a certain parameter of your home search that you could consider changing.  For example, maybe you *only* wanted a single family home, but if you opened up your search to a large town house, you may have more of an opportunity to purchase.  Or perhaps you had your heart set on a specific neighborhood...could you expand your consideration to an adjoining neighborhood?  These little shifts/compromises will increase your pool of options and could be the difference in getting you a home in this hot market!