Nancy Nino, RA
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Here are MY fun facts! :)
Nancy Muriel Nino 
(I have my great Aunt's name as a middle name...I hated it when I was a child but now I dig it! :))
Favorite Book
To Kill A Mockingbird

Favorite Charity
Compassion International

Favorite Movie Genre
Favorite Type of Music or recording star
Country & Christian
Favorite Flower and Plant
Rose, but I love tropical flowers too...those Hibiscus though!

Favorite Travel Spot
Favorite Hobby
Reading and going to the movies
Favorite Restaurant and Type of Food
Goma Tei / Mexican Food
Favorite Cocktail or Mocktail
Fizzy Ginger Lemonade
Favorite Starbucks Drink
Depends if I'm drinking coffee or not - If I'm drinking coffee, tall dark roast with an add shot. If I'm not drinking coffee, Venti unsweetened iced green tea
Favorite Color(s)
Significant Other's Name (if applicable)
TBD - Do you have a nice fellow to introduce me to? I'm accepting applications ;)
Children (Names/Ages)
No kids but proud Aunty of 28 nieces/nephews and 12 GRAND nieces/nephews! I come from a big family and am the youngest of 10 kids. How blessed am I!!!
August 31
Pets (names and types)
None currently, but I love dogs! 
Do you serve or has anyone in your family served in the Military? If so, who and when/where did they serve?
My dad - He was in the Marines and served in Korea